Hey there, I’m Blake –

Chess Master, long-time chess enthusiast and chess coach, and founder of ChessPathways

I remember how my chess journey began, over a decade ago.  I knew the rules of the game and had played with family and friends, but I knew there was a lot more to this game, and was determined to improve.

I watched Chess videos, played chess online, watched professional chess games…but for over a year, my progress floundered. My online rating barely moved.  I distinctly remember posting a chess question I had to a website forum, and getting incomprehensible answers from more experienced players using terminology I had never heard of, as if they were speaking a foreign language.  It was easy to feel discouraged in these days.

It was quite some time before things started to “click” for me…but when I finally realized what it took to improve, improvement came rapidly.  Within two years, my rating shot up into the 1900s, and I had earned the Expert title from the US Chess Federation before another year had passed. In 2018, I finally earned the coveted Master title.

There’s a lot more chess material out there today than there was back in 2009.  The online chess community is booming with online coaches, YouTube chess channels, and instructional content…yet still, people flounder, just as I did.  For a beginner or intermediate player, the chess world is exciting, yet daunting.  There’s so much to learn, and it’s easy to feel stuck or discouraged, especially after a losing streak.

My goal with ChessPathways is to help every chess player achieve their goals in chess, whatever those may be, with the help of a supportive, active chess community that has each other’s backs.  If you’re a beginner curious about what chess is all about, ChessPathways is the perfect place to begin your chess journey and receive guidance.  If you’ve been playing online or in tournaments for a while, but you’re feeling stuck and not seeing your rating skyrocket, I want to help YOU make the same breakthroughs I did…in a fraction of the time.

All the while, we’ll hold contests with prizes (such as having your games analyzed for FREE), discuss tips and strategies to accelerate your chess growth, and have a lot of fun along the way.  I want to personally help each and every one of you achieve your chess dreams.

Will you allow me to help you on your chess journey?

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