To best serve our members, ChessPathways may from time to time collect personal information from site users.  Depending on the activity the user is attempting to complete, this may include the user’s email address, first and last name, address, and credit card and billing information. Cookie data may be used to personalize the user experience, and the generalized geographic location of the user may be stored in an analytics tracker such as Google Analytics.

We collect this data to maintain communication with our users and to provide them with relevant content, and, when applicable, to process any orders and payments that they request to be made.

The email, name, billing information, credit card information, and address of our users are acquired only with the express permission of the user, and stored only for as long as there is a business need.  User data is not sold to third parties.

Users may opt out of data collection at any time – contact “” or mail to “Chess Pathways, PO Box 25852, Tampa FL 33622″ with any concerns or questions. 

We value your privacy!