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Learn Chess Tactics in a Fun, Encouraging & Efficient Way.

A Proven Methodology to Revolutionize Your Thinking.

Whether seeking a win at the next tournament; outwitting your competitors, family and friends, or growing your intellectual well-being, creativity or IQ.

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Online Chess National Master Instructor. Our Program’s proven methodology will revolutionize your thinking.

Online Chess National Master Instructor.  Our Chess Pathway’s Training Includes:

Play the Online Chess National Master Instructor Pro

One-on-one chess games against Master Online Chess Instructor & Pro Blake Baumgartner with in-game feedback and the ability to share your thoughts and ask questions.

“Blake is a very practical and clear communicator regarding improvement, goals and strategies. He provides a very high quality instruction because he loves Chess and he gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping others.”
– Doug

Online Chess National Master Instructor - Blake Baumgartner

Videos, Checklists & Worksheets

Over 75 comprehensive instructional video classes, checklists and worksheets from Master Chess Player Blake Baumgartner.

Mindset (12 sessions)
Tactical Mastery (13 sessions)
Strategy and Planning (13 sessions)
From Principles to Preparation (9 sessions)
Opening Repertoire Design ( 9 sessions)
Opening Repertoire Construction (12 sessions)
Opening Repertoire Iteration (9 sessions)

Hours of Bonus Material

Online Chess National Master Instructor - BonusBONUS: free “Class-A-Accelerator” bonus course. 7+ hours of video content, detailing exactly how I went from a beginner to a class-A (1800) player in less than 1.5 years – and how you can, too!

BONUS: “Fix My Chess Weaknesses” course. I’ll show you exactly how I diagnosed and addressed my chess shortfalls as an Expert pushing towards the Master title.

Game Analysis

Game Analysis videos every 7-10 days, reviewing your games and providing feedback.

A Connected Community of Learners

An encouraging community of over 100 motivated chess players, with many different chess backgrounds, goals, and rating levels. Recently they’ve arranged several online tournaments among themselves, too!

Online Chess National Master Instructor - Members

Online Chess National Master Instructor – Members

Online Chess National Master Instructor - Community

Exclusive Support & Advice

Month-long support. I answer questions daily from the students in this program. Some are in touch with me multiple times a week, sharing their successes, struggles, and seeking advice to get their chess journey back on track!

In Game Review

Online Chess National Master Instructor - Chat


Online Chess National Master Instructor - Game Chat

Email Questions

Online Chess National Master Instructor - Email

Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee – even AFTER Blake works with you personally, he’s that confident you’ll love the program.

So whether you desire to win that next tournament; outwit your competitors, family and friends, or even growing your intellectual wellbeing, creativity or IQ; Chess Pathway’s Online Chess Training proven methodology will revolutionize your thinking.



Even though we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee and can cancel at any time; we understand that some of you are apprehensive of yet another monthly membership.  Will I use it?  Will it be hard to get my money back if I don’t like it?  Maybe I won’t have time to do it?  Maybe it won’t be as fun as Blake claims it will be?    That is alright with us, we understand completely.  Please consider one of the other options below that you feel most comfortable with. 

Book a One-On-One Private Lesson for Only $60

Take your chess game to the next level!

After you purchase, I’ll get in touch by email to schedule a 1-hour, 1-on-1 online session with you.

We’ll work together to identify your strengths and weaknesses, discuss your chess background and your goals, and I’ll provide you with a custom roadmap to achieving them.

(Don’t worry about time zones – I’m flexible and will almost certainly be able to accommodate your schedule. If I can’t, I’ll refund you!)

You’ll also get full access to the “Class-A-Accelerator” video course, where I walk you through my entire journey from total beginner to a “Class-A” tournament player – and how you can get there, too!

Looking forward to it!


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